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Demanding Justice For Survivors After Times Of Loss

When a loved one is taken too soon, the whole family is left reeling. There is no making sense of the loss. There can, however, be justice.

I am attorney Robert Wyndham. My goal in every case is to bring practical, frank and straightforward advice to every client and to advocate for them at every step. I use more than 30 years of experience and resources in South Carolina law to demand a fair and complete settlement to support you through this difficult time in your family’s life. Call my Charleston office at 843-894-7732 for an appointment.

A Wrongful Death Claim Can Keep Families Afloat

Not only is losing a loved one to someone else’s negligence traumatic, but it is also incredibly expensive. Under 16% of adults under the age of 40 have planned for their funerals. Even fewer have any savings for that purpose. A successful wrongful death case can take a huge burden off of your shoulders by compensating for:

  • Estimated earnings across the life of your loved one
  • Coverage for any medical expenses, including hospital bills
  • The cost of funeral expenses like caskets, cremations and funeral services
  • The emotional loss to your family

Before you accept any offer from an insurance company, you need to talk to an attorney. Insurance companies are notorious for undervaluing or even denying benefits to well-deserving families. I hold them accountable and will not accept anything less than the maximum compensation possible.

Your Rights Are My Priority

I am proud of my work and am proud to bring your voice to the negotiating table and courtroom. I am unafraid of insurance company tactics and will fiercely represent you. Email me today at Wyndham Law Firm, LLC for an appointment.