Pedestrian Accidents

Charleston Pedestrian Accident Attorney

People who have gone through pedestrian accidents feel very fortunate to have escaped with their lives because, unfortunately, many of them don’t. At Wyndham Law Firm, we know full well how life-altering pedestrian accidents can be. We also know that most of them are preventable and that you don’t deserve to deal with their financial, physical, and emotional aftermath on your own.

Our Charleston pedestrian accident attorney, Robert J. Wyndham, has dedicated over 30 years of his life to securing compensation for injured pedestrians in the Dorchester, Berkeley, Georgetown, and Charleston counties. He has extensive experience handling pedestrian accident cases caused by:

When drivers don’t adhere to the road rules, they place themselves and other unsuspecting people at risk of life-changing injuries or death. When they break the rules, and you get injured due to their negligence, you have the right to hold them legally responsible for all your accident-related damages.

What Our Charleston Pedestrian Accident Attorney Can Do For You

Even though motorists are legally required to keep an eye out for pedestrians, some choose not to. They might fail to yield or speed up instead of stopping or slowing down for pedestrians or engage in other reckless and illegal driving behaviors. If you’ve been hit by a negligent motorist, the Charleston pedestrian accident attorney at Wyndham Law Firm will help you by:

Charleston Pedestrian Accident FAQs

What Damages Am I Entitled to Recover?

You can recover your past and future medical expenses, lost earnings, emotional trauma, pain and suffering, permanent injuries, reduced quality of life, and many others.

Can I Still File a Claim If I Was Not Injured in a Crosswalk?

Regardless of where you were during the accident, all drivers are legally obligated to drive safely and look out for pedestrians. Other circumstances may have also contributed to the accident, including the driver being drunk or distracted.

How Much Compensation Can I Expect to Receive?

Your Charleston pedestrian accident attorney can estimate the amount you need to cover your damages after thoroughly assessing your claim. In general, however, various factors will come into play when calculating your compensation, including how severe your injuries are, how they impact your daily life, whether you’ll need future care, and the insurance coverage of the liable party.

If you suffered injuries or lost your loved one in a pedestrian crash, you deserve to have a Charleston pedestrian accident attorney who will fight for your best interests. To schedule your free case review with the Charleston pedestrian accident attorney at Wyndham Law Firm, dial 843-279-5312 or send us an online message.