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Charleston DUI Defense Lawyer

Being arrested for a DUI in South Carolina can be a daunting and scary experience. You will need a solid defense strategy to fight the charges against you. Robert J. Wyndham, our Charleston DUI defense lawyer at Wyndham Law Firm, has more than 30 years of experience defending the rights of clients facing different DUI offenses, including BUI or boating under the influence, in the Dorchester, Berkeley, Georgetown, and Charleston counties.

We know what to do to defend your DUI case, mitigate any potential consequences, keep or regain your driving privileges, and ultimately, protect your future.

A DUI Conviction in Charleston Carries Severe Consequences

Getting convicted of a DUI in Charleston can result in fines between $400 and $6,300, driver’s license suspension of six months or for life, and imprisonment for 48 hours to five years. The penalties you can face will depend on:

You will be automatically charged with a felony DUI if you seriously injure or kill someone. The penalties can include fines of $5,100 up to $25,100 and imprisonment for 30 days to 25 years. You may also face a host of collateral consequences, which can include disciplinary action at school or work, loss of employment and job opportunities, voting rights, security clearance, professional licenses, scholarships and other education opportunities, and difficulty securing federal benefits, financial assistance, housing, and loans.

How Our Charleston DUI Defense Lawyer Will Fight For Your Rights

When you choose to work with our Charleston DUI defense lawyer at Wyndham Law Firm, they will:

Charleston DUI FAQs

Will I Lose My Driver’s License?

It depends. You may face license suspension for six months or several years, depending on the charges against you. Your Charleston DUI defense lawyer will explore all viable options to help you keep your license.

Who Can Be Stopped for a DUI?

The police can only stop drivers with probable cause, meaning drivers who they suspect, based on predetermined criteria, seem to be driving under the influence.

What Exactly is “Zero Tolerance”?

In South Carolina, individuals below 21 are legally prohibited from possessing, buying, and consuming alcoholic drinks. This means they can’t drive a motor vehicle if their BAC is 0.02% or higher.

Don’t waste time worrying about what will happen to you if you get convicted of a DUI. To learn more about your case and legal options, contact our Charleston DUI defense lawyer at Wyndham Law Firm and schedule your free case review by calling 843-279-5312 or reaching us online.