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Who Stands Up For The Injured? Wyndham Law Firm, LLC Does.

Everyone deserves to have access to quality care. The legal process in South Carolina offers accident victims a lot of support, but only after they clear serious hurdles. All the while, insurance companies will be fighting to pay as little as possible, if anything, throughout your case.

When it comes to your life, there is little room for compromise on your health or your finances. I am Robert Wyndham, a lawyer with over 30 years of legal experience to my name and dozens of successful, high-value cases. I use an aggressive and diligent approach so that you walk away from the courtroom or negotiating table with optimal compensation. Call my Charleston office at 843-919-7910 for a free appointment.

I Fight For Accident Victims Of All Kinds

In almost any case where an injury comes from someone else’s failure to take proper precautions, you can file for a personal injury claim. This includes victims of:

  • Crashes on the road, including for cars and passenger vehicles
  • Truck wrecks and other large commercial vehicle accidents
  • Defective products and manufacturer errors, including for medical devices
  • Falls and other accidents that take place in businesses and other settings
  • Medical accidents, including nursing negligence, misdiagnosis and other failures

Most importantly, you should receive every bit of compensation and monetary support possible, from medical expenses and lost wages to the other bills that happen after an accident.

I Go Above And Beyond, Starting From Our First Meeting

I will always do my best as your attorney to meet your needs and help relieve your stress. This begins with being flexible. Whether you need me to meet you at home, in the hospital or at the office, I am glad to come to you. As always, consultations are free.