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What to Do if You Slip and Fall in a Store

When you venture out to do some shopping, your To-do list may be on your mind, but you’re unlikely to be focused on slipping, falling, and being injured. Unfortunately, too many property owners and managers fail to take the necessary precautions to keep their premises safe for guests like you and slip and fall accidents are not uncommon. If this is the difficult situation you find yourself in, don’t wait to console with an experienced Charleston slip and fall accident attorney.

First Things First: Focus on Your Recovery

The injuries you suffer in a slip and fall accident can be serious, and to make matters more challenging, the rush of adrenaline and shock you are likely to experience can mask your symptoms. The kind of injuries that are closely associated with slip and fall accidents include all the following:

Seeking prompt medical attention after a slip and fall accident is always in your best interest. The bottom line is that early diagnosis is so closely related to an improved prognosis that you should never skimp on this first step.

Once you’ve sought medical care, it’s time to consult with a trusted slip and fall accident attorney. Slip and fall accident cases are legally challenging, and having skilled legal representation in your corner can make a significant difference in the outcome of your claim, which – in turn – can make a significant difference in your recovery.

Your skilled slip and fall accident attorney will ably take on a wide range of important tasks in pursuit of the compensation to which you are entitled.

Gathering Evidence

Your attorney will help build your strongest case by gathering and carefully compiling all the available evidence, including:

Helping You Avoid Common Errors

Your attorney will also help to ensure that you avoid making the kind of mistakes that can go on to harm your claim, including:

Skillfully Negotiating with the Insurance Company

Your attorney will engage in skilled negotiations with the insurance company in pursuit of just compensation that covers your complete losses. And if the insurance company is not interested in settling fairly, your attorney will be well prepared to resolve the matter in court.

An Experienced Charleston Slip and Fall Accident Attorney Is on Your Side

Wyndham Law Firm – proudly serving Charleston – is a formidable slip and fall accident firm who appreciates how challenging the effects of your slip and fall accident are for you and is committed to fiercely advocating for your rights and rightful compensation. To learn more, please contact us online or call 843-279-5312 today.