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The Driver Who Caused My Accident Was Uninsured, Will I Still Be Compensated?

If you were injured by another driver’s negligence, you’ll look to their insurance to compensate you for the physical, financial, and emotional losses you experience. If, however, the at-fault driver doesn’t carry the insurance coverage required by law, the matter becomes more complicated. Consult with an experienced Charleston car accident attorney to explore your best options.

The Good News: You’re Likely Covered by UM Insurance

Although South Carolina is not a no-fault state when it comes to car accidents, auto insurance policies are required to include coverage for uninsured motorists (UM), if the driver who leaves you injured isn’t covered, your UM coverage – or the UM coverage of an immediate family member – may.

In some cases, UM policies can be stacked to increase coverage. This means that if your family carries a total of three UM policies for $25,000 each, you may be entitled to a total coverage of $75,000. The losses you experience in even a relatively mild car accident can be considerable, which makes ensuring maximum coverage well-advised.

Seeking Fair Compensation

The legal damages – or losses – you suffer in a car accident can be wide-ranging, but most fall into categories like the following:

Your uninsured motorist coverage can address each of these categories of loss.

Negotiating a Fair Settlement

Even if you seek compensation through your own policy, it’s important to understand that your provider is in the business of turning a healthy profit and will do what it can do to minimize your settlement. This can include any of the following:

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