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Steps to Take Immediately After a Motorcycle Accident in SC

Motorcycle crashes can be very difficult to handle alone. Besides being the ones injured in the crash, motorcyclists must also contend with unfair and biased treatment from insurers when pursuing the compensation, they are owed. That’s why taking the proper steps to safeguard your right to receive compensation is essential.

If you have yet to reach out to Wyndham Law Firm and discuss your case with our SC motorcycle accident lawyer, here are some steps you should take immediately after a motorcycle accident in SC.

Seek Medical Attention Right Away

Call 911 or the police or head to the nearest hospital if you’re injured. You should still go to a doctor even if you don’t feel injured because certain injuries, like brain injuries and whiplash, may not present symptoms right away. Your doctor can detect any injuries you may have and recommend a proper treatment plan. Seeking medical attention right after a crash also makes certain you get the appropriate treatment and records to prove the severity and nature of your injury and its cause.

Medical documentation, including your hospital bills, treatment plans, prescription medications, and diagnostic testing results, can also link your injury to the motorcycle crash and strengthen your claim.

Collect Evidence From The Motorcycle Accident Scene

Gathering evidence after the crash will help your SC motorcycle accident lawyer develop a strong compensation claim for your losses. Get photos and videos of your injuries, the crash scene, any debris on the roadway, and witness statements, if applicable.

Never Speak to The Other Party’s Insurance Representatives Without Talk to Your Attorney First

Refer anyone from the insurer to your attorney. Take note that if you talk to an insurance representative or the insurer’s lawyer, they may record the conversation and use whatever you tell them to blame you for the crash and dismiss your claim or reduce your settlement. They will also try to pressure you into taking a settlement offer promptly, but this offer will be significantly less than your claim’s real value. Your motorcycle accident lawyer in SC will deal with the insurer’s camp and protect you from their unfair and sneaky tactics.

Don’t Post Anything About The Motorcycle Accident Online

You must be extremely careful about what you post online after getting injured in a motorcycle accident. Insurers will scrutinize your social media and online accounts to try and weaken your claim. For example, if you post pictures of yourself doing anything physically taxing, the insurer will argue that you are not seriously injured.

Talk to a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in SC About Your Case

Speaking to an SC motorcycle accident attorney right after a motorcycle crash is the surest way to protect your claim. They can investigate the crash, establish fault and liability for your damages, calculate and prove all your losses, and negotiate with the insurer for maximum compensation or take them to court if they do not offer a fair settlement.

Get In Touch With an Experienced Motorcycle Accident Attorney in SC

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